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Testimonials & Reviews Are Essential For Wedding Sitter Event Childcare Services

Testimonials and reviews of our services are extremely important to Wedding Sitter and our future clients looking to include children in their upcoming wedding or special event.  

Planning an event from weddings to corporate events can be a monumental task, and when children are part of the celebration, it adds another layer of complexity. Wedding Sitter has been providing the solution to including children in your guest count for these momentous occasions for the past 15 years.

In this blog, we'll share some of our testimonials and reviews from our clients who found Wedding Sitter to be the standout service at their events.

A Game-Changer for Destination Weddings

"The best service we had at my daughter's wedding was Wedding Sitter! They kept all my friends' kids from out of state occupied, and my friends could relax and have a wonderful time! I would say everyone who gets married needs this service at the reception!"


"Fabulous service. I have never before experienced anything like this at an event! The sitters did not just watch the kids; they actively engaged with them for hours on end with multiple activities. The kids were so happy to be with them. I was able to enjoy the wedding; and with 4 kids ages 2.5 to 9, I had no such expectations! I highly recommend this service!”

Wow! Wedding Sitter is a Dream

“Wedding Sitter was truly one of the amazing parts of our wedding festivities! The children had the most unexpectedly wonderful day. The sitters brought perfectly age-appropriate toys and activities so the kids were all so happy. They even expertly supervised them when we had them join in on the dance floor. They would definitely be my go-to for group babysitting! Thank you so much for helping to make our day special.”

Excellent service - Highly recommend

“So glad we found our services for our Wedding day. We went back and forth with whether or not to have kids at our wedding reception since we really wanted it to be an adult-only event. Our venue told us about your services and it was well worth it! Everyone had a great time at our wedding and the kids all had a BLAST! Thank you, Wedding Sitter!”

Worth every penny... and it's not many!

“Loved working with them. Beyond flexible to our many requests and changes, reasonably priced, so nice, and most importantly SOOO good with our little ones. It may seem like an added expense to have a sitter, but it is really an affordable way to tell your guests with kids you care about them having fun (and being able to dance without the kiddies!). Essential.”

Five stars and two thumbs up from this happy Bride!

“Wedding Sitter was absolutely amazing! They were so responsive and helpful with coordinating all of the logistics and going over all of the details. Wedding Sitter provided our littlest guests with a comfortable, serene, safe, and fun environment with which to enjoy our wedding. Having Wedding Sitter set up in a space available at our venue, provided our parents who utilized their services with so much peace of mind and enabled the adults to fully enjoy our wedding.

All of the parents were so appreciative that we offered this service. We’d book Wedding Sitter again and again. They will make your wedding so much better, especially if you don’t want to put parents in a lurch when considering whether to leave younger guests at home, or weigh being able to attend your wedding. Five stars and two thumbs up from this happy bride!”

Thank you Wedding Sitter

“Thank you so much for the amazing sitting services you provided at our wedding! Everyone talked about how the kids had an amazing time and loved your staff so much! Thanks again for everything.”

Excellent and would highly recommend Wedding Sitter

“Thank you so much for your amazing childcare services. I am so sorry I did not get the chance to meet you…. All the parents were raving about how amazing you guys were!”

The Best EVER for Pandemic Wedding Challenges

"I was so glad to have found this service for my daughter's wedding! Planning this wedding during the pandemic has been VERY CHALLENGING!!! We have a very large family, and all my grandchildren were able to go and have more fun than we did. The Wedding Sitting Team was the best EVER!! They were professional, pricing was reasonable, they brought so many activities, the kids had such a great time, it was hard to get them to leave for dances, etc. All my guests and their kids can't stop talking about how much fun they had at my daughter's wedding!"

The experiences shared by our clients underscore the invaluable role Wedding Sitter plays in ensuring that everyone at the wedding or special event, big or small, creates memories to last a lifetime. These heartfelt reviews and testimonials mean everything to us and we take pride in continuing to create an elevated five-star service providing successful events for all of our clients and their little guests, Just A Room Away On Your Special Day!


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