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Navigating Event Etiquette with Children: The Perfect Balance

Events are joyous occasions, but when children are part of the guest list, it's important to have the right balance between celebration and consideration. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or a social soiree, event etiquette with children is a delicate dance. At Wedding Sitter, we understand the dynamics involved, and in this blog, we'll explore the do's and don'ts of including children in various types of events, ensuring that everyone has a memorable time.

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1. Do Consider the Type of Event

Different events have different vibes. While a children's birthday party might be designed with them in mind, a corporate gathering or formal wedding may have a more sophisticated atmosphere. Consider the nature of the event and whether it's suitable for children.

2. Don't Assume Everyone Wants Children at Their Event

Before assuming children are welcome, check the event invitation or ask the host directly. Some events are intentionally adult-focused, and assuming otherwise might create an uncomfortable situation.

3. Don't Overlook Childcare Services

For events where children are invited, consider hiring professional childcare services like Wedding Sitter. This ensures that parents can enjoy the event, knowing their children are well taken care of.

4. Do Create a Child-Friendly Space

If children are attending, designate a child-friendly space where they can play and engage in age-appropriate activities. This allows parents to enjoy the event without worrying about their kids.

5. Don't Assume All Children Like the Same Things

Consider the age range of the children attending and plan activities accordingly. What might engage a toddler could bore a pre-teen, so a variety of age-appropriate activities is key.

6. Do Plan Kid-Friendly Menus

If your event includes meals, ensure there are kid-friendly options. While children should be encouraged to try new things, having familiar options helps avoid hungry and fussy little ones.

7. Don't Forget to Communicate Expectations

If there are specific expectations regarding children's behavior, communicate them clearly to parents. This might include dress code, expected behavior during certain parts of the event, or designated quiet times.

8. Do Include Kids in Special Moments (If Appropriate)

For family-centric events like weddings, consider including children in special moments like the ceremony or certain parts of the reception. This adds a heartwarming touch to the celebration.

9. Don't Overlook Safety Considerations

For outdoor events or venues with potential hazards, prioritize safety. Ensure there are secure play areas, and if needed, enlist the help of professional childcare services to maintain a safe environment.

Incorporating children into events can be a delightful addition, but it requires thoughtful planning and consideration of everyone's needs. By navigating event etiquette with children in mind, you create an inclusive atmosphere where both adults and children of all ages can share in the joy of the occasion.

At Wedding Sitter, we specialize and understand the details involved in making events child-friendly, ensuring that the balance between celebration and consideration is perfectly maintained.


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