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Kids belong in Weddings, too!

Incorporating children into weddings can add a special and heartwarming element to the celebration. Whether they are the children of the bride and groom, or guests attending the wedding, there are many ways to include kids in the festivities. Here are some tips on how to best incorporate children into weddings:

  • Involve them in the ceremony: Children can play a special role in the wedding ceremony, such as being a ring bearer or flower girl. You can also have them participate in a sand ceremony or light a unity candle with the couple.

  • Provide entertainment: Keep the kids entertained during the reception by providing activities and games for them. Set up a kid-friendly table with coloring books and games, or hire a children's entertainer to keep them entertained.

  • Create a special moment: Create a special moment just for the kids during the wedding. For example, you can have a dance just for the kids or have the bride and groom read a special children's story during the ceremony.

  • Plan child-friendly menu options: Make sure to include child-friendly menu options during the wedding reception. You can have a separate kids' menu with items like chicken fingers and mac and cheese, or offer smaller portions of the adult menu.

  • Make them feel special: Show the children attending the wedding how much they are valued and appreciated. Consider giving them special wedding favors or small gifts, or even having a designated "kids only" area where they can play and have fun.

Having children at weddings can create a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone involved. By following these tips, you can ensure that the children feel included and valued, while also keeping them entertained and happy throughout the celebration.


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