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A Spin on a Traditional Affair

Weddings are often seen as an adult-only affairs, but with a little creativity, you can easily incorporate kids into traditional wedding events. Here are some fun ways to involve kids in the celebration:

Father-daughter dance: Instead of the traditional father-daughter dance, why not have a family dance party? Invite all the kids to the dance floor and have the bride and groom join in as well. You can even play some kid-friendly songs that everyone can dance to, like the Hokey Pokey or the Macarena.

Bouquet toss: Instead of tossing the bouquet to the single ladies, why not have a special bouquet made for the flower girl? This can be a smaller and more age-appropriate version of the bride's bouquet. The flower girl can then toss the bouquet to the other kids, creating a fun and exciting moment for them.

Photo booth: Set up a kid-friendly photo booth with props like silly hats, masks, and wigs. This will give the kids a chance to take some fun and memorable photos with their friends and family. You can even include a Polaroid camera and let the kids take their own photos to keep as a souvenir.

Kids' table: Set up a separate kids' table with kid-friendly snacks and activities. This will give the kids a space of their own where they can have fun and be themselves. You can include coloring books, games, and even a candy bar.

Wedding favors: Instead of traditional wedding favors, give the kids something special! You can create special gift bags for the kids with items like bubbles, crayons, stickers, and other small toys.

Involving kids in traditional wedding events can add an extra layer of joy and excitement to the celebration. With these ideas, you can create a wedding that is both fun for the kids and memorable for everyone.


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